NLP Reading Group, Dhaka

A Dhaka based Reading Group for Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning Research

An advanced course on natural language processing. We follow a graduate level reading course format and presented reading list focuses on state-of-the-art NLP research. We host occasional tutorials and weekly reading sessions. Tutorial sessions should be intended to summarize existing works on a certain topic. Typically, we meet each week to discuss a paper on NLP and brainstorm ideas on the particular subject. Participants include expert researchers to undergraduate students joining from many parts of the world.

An introductory reading can be found in our previous season NLPSu21.

Reflection from summer reading

We received 135 registrations for summer. Quoting the numbers, 12 participants joined each week’s session on average. Though the number may seem negligible, we believe it is a good start. We will continue for fall reading with a focus on more in-depth discussion on NLP research. Topics include language understanding, generation, QA, and summarization. Our goal is not to encourage everyone to do ML. Instead, we are focusing on building a space where you can see if ML research fits you. Research is hard! Doing research work with limited resources is nearly impossible. We can keep trying to bridge the gap in between.

Why NLP Reading; goals and prospects

Given the momentum of ML taking over the world, it is obvious we join this exciting technological endeavor for the future. Our end goal as a reading group is to carry out genuine and constructive discussions on natural language processing research and its subsequent fields. A long-term optimistic view would be seeing an increase in publications at prestigious ML/ACL venues. We also look forward to initiating a good research mentorship for resource-lean people. A reading group with its current organization can do a little. We believe there will be timely opportunities when we can do more than just reading papers each week. For this season, we are adding a few hands-on tutorials. An extension along this line would be adding coding sessions within a subgroup parallel to reading sessions. That could possibly be explored in future iterations.